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C.H. Guenther & Son is a global partner offering an expanded portfolio of trusted products, brands, and formats. As the longest, continually operated, family-owned milling company in America, C.H. Guenther & Son has never lost sight of the real reason we’re still in business: YOU. Through our extensive product development and validation processes, products, recipes, and cross-functional support, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to help your business prosper. Whether you have one, a handful, or 100+ locations, our family is here to help.


You have the full support of our powerful R&D team to identify new opportunities for growth and fill flavor gaps with innovative and trendsetting solutions.


You have the reassurance of our Quality Assurance team who uphold the checks and balances that are instituted in every stage of manufacturing.


You can trust our Operations team to deliver quality-assured products day in and day out, where and when you need them.

social responsibility

You can feel good about partnering with a company that places a priority on social responsibility and the impact we leave on our environment.


You work with an historic company with a rich heritage of long-standing partnerships and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Know Where Your Products Come From


Where do you source your wheat?

We source wheat from multiple farms across the nation for two reasons: access to different types of wheat needed for specific products, and to add an extra level of safeguards for our ingredient supply.

Where do you mill your wheat?

As the oldest continuously family-operated milling company in the United States, it’s no surprise that we mill our own grains. We have two flour mills where we mill our own flour: our original Pioneer Flour Mill facility in San Antonio, Texas, and our Morrison Milling facility in Denton, Texas, which we acquired in 2006.

How do you ensure traceability?

We follow industry best practices in traceability to ensure verifiable evidence in harvesting, processing, production, and distribution. All incoming ingredients are carefully screened and documented prior to entering our facilities. Our advanced screening system connects with our warehouses to ensure that only approved, traceable ingredients are allowed into our plants.

What are wheat specs?

Wheat Specifications are the units and standards of measuring wheat quality. The most common are Protein Content, Moisture Content, Bulk Density, Gluten Content, and Gluten Index. C. H. Guenther specifies a tight range of acceptable criteria for our grain. We have identified parameters for each of these measurements enabling us to mill high quality wheat into high caliber flour that goes into our superior products.

Research & Development

Our 40+ member R&D team combines a spirit of innovation with real-world know-how. With over 400 combined years of experience, C.H. Guenther & Son’s R&D staff is committed to delivering new product support to keep your operation onthe forefront.

Our host of culinarians, chefs, food scientists, master bakers, and regulatory specialists cover all bases in creating progressive, traffic-building new products. Robust ideation sessions, continuous trend tracking, consumer insights, and sensory testing are just a few of the ways we ensure products deliver on all aspects.

Our staff’s expertise in manufacturing and scale-up also ensures new concepts successfully translate from lab to production facility without a hitch.

Our innovation hub, located in San Antonio, Texas, features a dedicated sensory lab as well as an extensive R&D lab with a wide variety of restaurant equipment enabling us to simulate restaurant preparation procedures. The hub is an ideal venue for co-creating with our customers.

We believe when something is done with pride and care, it shows.


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