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Signature Turkey & White Wine Sauces

To take turkey gravy up a notch, add reduced white wine to prepared Pioneer Roast Turkey Gravy to create a variety of sauces that are sure to please.
Turkey & White Wine Sauce


  • 1 bag Pioneer® Roast Turkey Gravy Mix (94546), prepared
  • 750 ml White wine, reduced by 90% (approx. 3 oz.)


  • Set aside and store ½ gallon gravy for later use.
  • Add reduced white wine to remaining gravy.


See below for ways to customize it even more!
Green Peppercorn Sauce
Add ⅓ cup red currant jelly and 1 Tbsp. crushed green peppercorns to your White Wine Sauce.
Country Sage Sauce
Just add 1 Tbsp. fresh, chopped sage to your Green Peppercorn Sauce. 
Savory Cranberry Sauce
Add just ½ cup cranberry juice to your Country Sage Sauce.